Residential Conveyancing Pricing

Freehold sale or purchase, leasehold sale or purchase, mortgages and re-mortgages

Our expert residential conveyancing solicitors understand that buying a house or any other property transaction can be an expensive and a stressful time. Our property team consists of:-

At the outset you will be allocated a dedicated contact who will keep you informed and will offer advice whenever you need it. The land registry also have guidance on the process which can be viewed at the following links:- 

How to buy

How to sell 

There are different categories of property which in turn can affect the costs you will incur, these are:

  • Freehold sale or purchase
  • Leasehold sale or purchase
  • Registered or unregistered property
  • Mortgages or re-mortgages

With this in mind the following pricing structure should help you to budget. Our hourly rates start at £120 for a paralegal through to £385 for a partner.

House ValueSalePurchase
Up to £500,000£1,400 - £1,750£1,800 - £2,500
£500,000 - £1,000,000£1,750 - £2,500£2,500 - £3,000
Over £1,000,000Price on applicationPrice on application
Prices relate to property with a registered title
Unregistered properties - price on application
Additional fee of £295 when a mortgage is required
Additional fee of £295 when the property is leasehold.

Third Party Disbursements


  • Local search fees – £120 - £250 (depending on the relevant Local Authority)
  • More complex transactions will incur higher search fees - these will be explained where appropriate.
  • Mining searches – £100 - £300
  • Drainage and water searches – £60 - £100
  • Highways Search – £50 - £70
  • Environmental Search – £70 - £500
  • Chancel check – £25 - £50
  • Land registry pre-completion searches – £3 per title
  • Bankruptcy searches – £2 per person
  • Land Registry searches and document charges – £3 - £100
  • Bank charges – £35 plus VAT per transfer
  • Land Registry – Registration fee (The Land Registry's fees depend on the purchase price) please see the Land Registry website for up to date details
  • Stamp Duty  – (this again depends on the purchase price of your property and personal circumstances as well as the location of the property) see the HMRC website or the Welsh Revenue Authority’s website for up to date details

Complex Residential Properties which include landed estates and/or farms.

Our team have extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with residential properties which involve multiple titles or transfer of part of titles (whether registered or unregistered), large parcels of land, non-residential elements and complex estates. Such properties can also involve legal and practical issues such as private water supplies, overage and clawback rights and shooting rights.

As specialists in rural property we understand the challenges that owners of farms and rural businesses, country house and landed estates can face. Our expertise enables us to progress country house sales and purchases quickly, with as little fuss as possible.

Your sale or purchase will be dealt with by a specific individual who will be a single point of contact and will handle your transaction from start to finish.

If you would like a quotation for any such transaction, please contact any member of the      relevant team which you can find in the “Our Services” section of this website.

Our Fees

When calculating your fees, we use a blended rate.  The team consists of a range of skills and we use the right person for specific tasks. The rates detailed below take into account specialists from our most junior and senior rates depending on the lawyer assisting with a view to using the most cost effective as well as the correct level of expertise.   It is difficult to estimate the number of hours your purchase or sale will take as these depend on a variety of factors.  If no issues arose, the time scales to be expected would be between 6 and 10 weeks

Our current hourly charge rates are:

  • Senior Partner £385
  • Junior Partner £315 - £350
  • Consultant £315
  • Senior Associate £275 - £315
  • Associate Chartered Legal Executive £250
  • Solicitor £175
  • Trainee solicitor £145
  • Paralegal £120